About Orchard Rest Writer’s Loft

Simply put, we feel that there aren’t enough sites dedicated to the thoughtful review of Southern fiction. We will gladly consider your work of fiction for review on Orchard Rest Writer’s Loft. We will consider any work of Southern fiction but confess we have a soft spot for Southern Gothic fiction as well as romance and romantic suspense. Acceptance of your work doesn’t guarantee a review nor does it guarantee a positive review. No erotica or slashers, please. Self-published books are accepted.

Still interested? Send a review request to orchardrest AT outlook DOT com. Please include “Review Request/Book Title/Author Name” in the subject line or the request will be deleted. In the body of your email, please include where the book is available as well as a blurb. We will contact you if we are interested, but please be aware that we work day jobs and have numerous responsibilities.

Pull up a chair. Let’s read.


One thought on “About Orchard Rest Writer’s Loft

  1. Hello, Hope,

    I am planning to send a review request, as specified above, in the near future, but would it be possible to exchange emails to chat about other Southern writerly things? My author email is southernwriter@cox.net.

    You are so right that there aren’t enough Southern review sites, and yours has inspired me to start a review blog, too. Here’s a link: http://highcottonbookreviews.blogspot.com/ It’s brand new, just went up today, so it will no doubt evolve and mature with time.

    There are other areas where our interests intersect; I was born in Catoosa County, Georgia, and Steamboat Gothic has been been one of my absolute favorite novels since early adulthood.

    Thanks for starting this review blog, and giving me the idea to do the same.

    Connie Chastain

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